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Shana Blanchissant Body Kit - Brightening Skincare Set


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SKU: BTB-500 Product Code: BTB-500 Category: Full body Products TAG: SHANA BLANCHISSANT BODY KIT

Discover the magic of luminous skin with the Shana Blanchissant Whitening Combo. This expertly crafted kit seamlessly merges the powers of nature and science to reveal a snow-white glow and spotless beauty. Dive into a transformative experience where skin discoloration meets its match, ensuring evenness and radiant clarity. With a harmonious blend of hydration and rejuvenating plant extracts, combined with the protective strength of Vitamin E and the revitalizing boost of collagen peptides, your skin is destined for unparalleled brilliance. Elevate every moment with its delicate fragrance, ensuring a truly spotless and luminous beauty ritual. **Carefully follow the usage instructions that come with the package for maximum results.
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