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"Your skin is the only garment that you will wear every day for the rest of your life. Invest in it wisely".

Buma Shana is a trusted one-stop-affordable natural skincare brand that specializes in the maintenance of all skin types and in the treatment of various skin problems.

Our skincare products are carefully made and locally sourced from natural ingredients. They are formulated and personalized to suit the unique skin needs of every woman, man or child. We cater to all complexions from dark skin to caramel, caramel+, fair skin, Metisse and Blanchissant.

We also treat skin problems, including hyperpigmentation, sunburns, keloids, fungi, chronic acne, or pimples, dark spots, eczema, stretch marks, and many others.

Our commitment to quality service and the effectiveness of our products, make us a leading brand in the natural skin care industry. We seek to sensitize women to understand that their skin is priceless, and to encourage them to avoid using poor quality creams on their body, as these sometimes contain toxic chemicals that can be damaging to the skin.

BUMA SHANA - Restoring skin pride


BUMA SHANA is known as the #1 natural skincare brand in Cameroon and abroad. We offer affordable premium organic luxury products, and a holistic service to meet all your skincare needs, all at affordable costs.

Our goal is to rejuvenate your skin, restore its pride, and renew your confidence!

Buma Shana was created because we realized that there are very limited skincare options for black and brown women out there. That was the reality for us, and so is for many black women who face difficulties to find the right skincare products that can suit their unique skin needs. More so, there is an increasing proportion of women suffering from various skin issues, some of which are largely the repercussions of poor-quality products containing harmful chemicals.

Our job is to repair such damaged skin caused by harmful products.

Additionally, we wanted to demystify the widespread belief in society that black women have to bleach their skin to look beautiful. Many people, especially our women fall victim to this false narrative and usually end up damaging their beautiful melanin. That is why after experiencing this gap in the skincare industry, we decided to formulate personalized natural skincare products that are uniquely tailored to suit the skin needs of every woman, man and child.

Unlock radiant, healthy skin with our premium skincare solutions. Explore now for a glowing transformation.